Providing the needed credible and secure elections

Acevote is Africa's first autonomous and decentralized voting system that runs on blockchain which provides secure and credible voting.

Acevote provides seamless elections for Governments, Institutions, Associations, Organisations, Unions and others

What we offer

Affordable Pricing

We provide free voting for elections with over 20 voters and a very affordable fee for our Basic and Premium package

Accessible Everywhere

Voters can access election portal through their smart devices or USSD regardless of their location.

One voter to one vote

In every election, we make use of Ethereum blockchain to create smart contracts for users to vote. Votes cannot be altered or manipulated. All thanks to blockchain.

Optional Voter Anonymity

When election administrators want to ensure their voters are anonymous. We give the option of voter anonymity to allow voters vote and no one will know who voted for who.

Secured voting

We provide end to end security to protect user's data and election informations. Only users can access their data anytime they prefer

Election Vote Analysis

Our support remains after the voting process, we provide after vote summary report to all voters and printable and signed full detailed report of election results and analysis.

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How it works

Create election

Election Administrator registers, creates election with the start and end date

Voters Join Election

Link to elections are generated for voters to join the election.

Cast Votes

Voters cast their votes and view vote results in real time

RealTime Results

Voters View Result in realtime. We keep all voters in the loop by showing them realtime vote counts